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La Jolla, CA on May 24th, Tuesday at 15:40pm – 16:40pm

We are hosting a Genome Privacy and Security workshop at the 26th edition of main RECOMB meeting. The workshop will feature an introduction presentation and discussion aiming to introduce the major challenges and problems in genome privacy & security to the computational biology community. We will continue with three 15 min highlight talks selected from the paper submissions.

This workshop is intended to be accessible to all – not just those in the field of genome privacy. Our goal is to introduce the computational biology community to the some of the major problems and techniques in the genome privacy area. Since genome privacy is a relatively new sub-field of study, we hope to capture the attention of scientists from bioinformatics, computational biology, and computer science as we need to develop efficient algorithms in order to apply cryptographic protocols.

The mission is to bring everyone together to share ideas, discuss the challenges related to genome privacy and hopefully create collaborations.

For questions please contact the chair Gamze Gürsoy. Please see below for the detailed agenda:

15:40 pm – 15:50 pm: Welcome and Introduction to Genome Privacy by Gamze Gürsoy

15:50 pm – 15:55 pm: Discussion

15:55 pm – 16:05 pm: Secure and federated linear mixed model association tests by Jeffrey Chen, Manaswitha Edupalli, Bonnie Berger and Hyunghoon Cho

16:05 pm – 16:10 pm: Discussion

16:10 pm- 16:20 pm: Secure Federated Aggregate-Count Queries on Medical Patient Databases Using Fully-Homomorphic Cryptography by Alex Leighton and Yun William Yu

16:20 pm – 16:25 pm: Discussion

16:25 pm – 16:35 pm: Privacy-Preserving Statistical Analysis of Genomic Data using Compressive Mechanism with Haar Wavelet Transform by Akito Yamamoto and Tetsua Shibuya

16:35 pm – 16:40 pm: Discussion