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For a richer textual description of the project, please refer to the project page.

Presentation Dates

  • Thursday, November 30, 2023
  • Tuesday, December 5, 2023
  • Thursday, December 7, 2023

Team assignments on particular dates will be randomly drawn and communicated no later than November 16.

Presentation File Submission

To make it fair for all teams no matter which day they are presenting, all teams must submit their pptx/pdf presentation file on CourseWorks by November 29, 11:59 PM (the night before the first presentation date). Only one submission per team is required. This presentation file will be displayed when the time of your presentation comes.


In-person; all team members must be present. For unforeseen circumstances (i.e., sickness), some teammates may connect via Zoom. Your team must inform the Professor and TAs about it before the class begins.


15 min of presentation, 5 min of Q&A.

Presentation Format & Grading Rubric

Your presentation has to contain the following sections (at least a slide per section; some sections may require more than one slide). Percents show grade weight:

  1. Modules (5%): Explicitly state which modules from the course you are incorporating. 
  2. Problem (15%): What problem are you addressing? Are you focusing on a disease, behavior? 
  3. Current approaches (15%): What current approaches exist? What are you improving on? 
  4. Population (10%): Who would benefit from your solution? (e.g., researchers, clinicians, patients, healthy population)
  5. Data (10%): What data is available to you? Can these data sources be integrated, and how? 
  6. Methods (20%): What is your proposed solution? How will you achieve it?
  7. Evaluation (20%): How will you assess the success of your solution? 
  8. Delivery method (5%): What is your deliverable? Who will it be provided to, and how? 

Each section will be given the score with the following rubric: 

  • Excellent (thoughtful work without major flaws or inaccuracies): 100%
  • Good (good work, but one major flaw present): 90%
  • OK (acceptable work, but either two major flaws present or it’s surface-level work just touching the subject of the section): 80%
  • Inacceptable/Section completely absent: 0%

Don’t forget to include all of the sections in your presentation!

Have fun and good luck!